Friday, June 29, 2012

Leipzig/Dresden Zone Conference Picture

S. Linford had another Zone Conference with the Leipzig/Dresden Zone. A picture was posted on the mission blog. You can see the entire blog post here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Meissen pics!

This is me in the beautiful city of Meissen during our district finding activity last Wednesday!

Golden Arches

Hallo Hallo! Alles gute! The weeks really are starting to fly by, I can’tbelieve it is time to write you all again! I feel like my emails are gettingmore and more boring, so I apologize!
Monday- Last week was a crazy P-day. Another district came into Dresden to doemails on their way to Bostei. Well, the internet place that we go to is notthat big, so sadly there weren’t enough computers. We spent the next 2 hourssearching this massive city for another internet place. After an epic fail, wefinally had spent long enough that they were finished and we were able to nab acomputer! However, we with Sister Curtis and Sister Niebergall, and the four ofus together can make any situation fun!
After emails, it was time for all 6 of us missionaries assigned to Dresden togo to our Bishops house. He has us over once every transfer to get to know usbetter. It was super fun being around his family! I remember last transferwriting about it as well. Over here we dont spend hardly anytime aroundfamilies. You forget how much fun and love you feel just by being around one.Although I loved it, it happened to spark a lot of frustration in me. As thefamily was asking me lots of questions about myself trying to get to know mebetter, I realized I could not saying anything more than when I had been there7 weeks ago. Whooo, this was the start of a VERY frustrating week of German.
Tuesday- Unfortunately nothing exciting happened on Tuesday, so we will justskip it!
Wednesday- My district consists of 6 missionaries in Dresden, plus the seniorcouple in Dresden, and then 2 sisters in Meissen. Well Meissen was just made asisters area, so neither of the two sisters know the area very well. Plus, themissionaries in the city of Meissen have been really struggling the last year sothey were left with no investigators to take over. Because of this, we reallywanted to help them out, so ee did a special District Finding Activity. We alltook a little trip to the city of Meissen to hit the streets! Meissen isamazing! It even has a castle! I will be sure to send some pics. It was reallyfun to go work in another city and help the other sisters out!
If that wasnt already a good enough day, the senior couple wanted to take usout to lunch. Oh the joy the golden arches brings to people worldwide! I didn’teven like McDonalds before my mission....but that hamburger was the best dangthing I have had in the last few months haha.
That evening we taught the new German class! We also taught the English classthat night as well. I love teaching all the classes!
Thursday- So we have had a little bit of heating issue in our apartment. Theheater in our room broke a few weeks ago and has been on full blast all thetime. With the summer heat being killer, this was not making for the bestnights of sleep. We finally got a guy to come look at it. He told us he wouldcome in the afternoon. So we waited and waited......and waited some more.FINALLY, at 5pm he comes in. Yep a whole day wasted because of the darn heatingman, tisk tisk! But Institute that night made up for it :). I taught Mosiah11-16. That Abinadi dude was pretty hardcore! Love it! And love teachinginstitute! We have had a lot of good luck too with keeping the class numberpretty high; we are averaging 10 every week to our Book of Mormon class!
Friday- Zone conference!!! Now, normally zone conference is in the 5th week ofever transfer but this transfer we are having 2. Why you ask? Well sadly it istime for our incredible Mission President and his wife to be released :(. ThePimentels have done such an amazing job here, they will be greatly missed! Itwas also great to come together and see everyone again! I had a really fun timecatching up with Sister Neukomm, my last companion. She is doing much betterand hopefully will stick it out here on the mission. I was also asked to teacha workshop. Well me and my companion were, but my companion got way nervous andasked me if I could do it. I was a little nervous while I was preparing becauseI have never even seen a workshop haha, but it went really well! I spoke for 30minutes on how to listen to the spirit. I feel like I learned so much inpreparing for it. Even though this week was so crazy and stressful with havingto teach Sunday school, English class, German class, and then the workshop....itwas a very spiritual week because of all the preparation that was required.
Saturday- Honestly, Saturday was a tad rough. We have been really low oninvestigators lately and all day Saturday we set aside for finding. After 8hours straight of being on the streets, no one was found. Days like this happenon the mission. They make you grateful for the days where you are able to findpeople. They are days that make you humble and end the day on your knees longerthan normal. But there is a quote that I love, "You are never taller thanwhen you are on your knees." Aint that the truth!
Sunday- Danita came to church again! I almost cried when I saw her walk inagain. Not only that but another less active that we have really been workingwith, Massumo, came too! Not only that he brought his sister who isn’t amember....score!
I had the joy of having sauerkraut at my eating appointment again yesterday. Sohappy about that.....SIKE. Really if anyone is looking for a businessventure.....the sourkraut business in Germany has to booming and it doesn’tlook like its going to slow down anytime soon! But, the eating appointment waswith all 6 of us missionaries in Dresden which was really fun! My districtreally is stellar!
Update with some investigators:
Cuong: Even though his baptism date had to be pushed back, he know is going tobe baptized in Vietnam in his mother toungue! I am so happy for him! This isthe best situation for him. He is back there visiting his family for the next 7weeks. We got in contact with the missionaries over there and he is so excitedto be taught in Vietnamese.
Melanie: She is doing really well too! She just needs some time to tell herfamily and that is okay! She is still so strong and is learning soooo muchevery week. We teach her like a member because she knows so much and she hasonly been an investigator for 7 weeks!
Igor: He is still traveling, but he should be coming back soon and we arereally excited to teach him again. I think he will be on date in the nextmonth!
Ifaneayi: We had two appointments with him this week and he is doing well. Idont know how interested he really is though. He loves talking religion withus, but I dont think he is seperating our religion with the one he is apart of.We will have to see!
Farman: We had such an amazing lesson with him this week. He is normally verydifficult to teach because he is literally a genius and LOVES to talk. Wenormally find ourselves struggling to take control of the lessons. However,something changed this week. We watched the Restoration video and talked aboutJoseph Smith. He was silent and just took it all in. It was a fantastic lessonto be apart of!
This week I have found myself getting even more frustrated with my languageability or lack there of. I really dont see any progress and I have no ideawhat to do to fix that. Every day I am putting extra time into studying thelanguage but nothing is happening. I have no felt so dumb in my life. Pray forme, I need the extra help!
Overall, life here is still going realllllly well though! This whole missionthing is amazing. At zone conference Sister Pimentel told us of a story. Shesaid she was talking to a member and they were asking her how she liked hermission. She responded, "I wouldn't trade it for the world!" The memberreplied with a smile, "You did." It really got me thinking. I reallyhave just about traded my entire world for this mission, but I wouldn’t tradeback for anything. Serving a mission came a lot sooner than I ever thought itwould, but it has always been one of my biggest dreams in life. But, serving inGermany has become one of my biggest joys. I am super grateful to be here.Every dang day I count my blessings out here! I am also sooo grateful for allof you back at home and for your support! Love you all and wish you the bestthe coming week! Bis montag!
-Sister Linford

Monday, June 18, 2012

Freiberg Temple

Me and Sister Neukomm at the Freiberg Temple!
*- Sorry, I cant figure out how to fix the photo, it keeps uploading on its side!!

The return of Doris - cat woman!

Hallo! I hope everything is going well for everyone! This week inGermany has been a mixture of some disappointments and some amazing miracles. Let’sget right into it all!
Last P-day was particularly fun! We got to play.....beach volleyball!! Oh howthat makes my heart full! It was a blast to play with all the othermissionaries is our district. Something neat happened though while we wereplaying. A girl called over the fence and asked if anyone knew English. When weran over to her we saw that she was crying. We found out that she is 17 and ishere in Germany with her high school German class. She got lost and had beenwondering around for 2 hours, poor thing! When we found out where her hotel waswe knew we couldn’t just instruct her where to go. So, we left the volleyballmatch and me and my comp set out with Hailey on the 30 minute venture back toher hotel. Missionaries can do a lot with 30min. :) haha. We got her backgroundand she was very curious what missionaries actually do. We gave her the wholefirst lesson and sent her with a card to look at have no idea what will happen with Hailey, but it was a very special 30minutes and I wish her the best in life!
District meeting on Wednesday is always a highlight for me.....but now with theother two sisters in our district, it is just a straight party. We have way toomuch fun together! We get to spend every p-day with them too, good times! Mydistrict is already really close which makes things a lot of fun. The Elders weare working with are fantastic. I have really lucked out so far!
Okay lets update you all on some of my investigators....
DORIS! Shes backkkkk! We had the joyous opportunity to return to the toxicwasteland aka Doris' apartment. We walked in and I braced myself for the smellas always; but the stench seemed to be worse than normal. I realized that everyother time I have been over to her apartment the door to the deck was open, butwith the intense rain storm that was outside, the only source of oxygen wasgone. Oh boy. Me and my companion could only stay for about 15 minutes beforeour lungs literally started burning. The mix between way too much smoke, catwho knows what, and Doris herself was far too much for us to handle. Oh how welove adventures to Doris' house :).
Melanie! She has unfortunately still not told her family, however, she is doingreally well. She is almost completely done reading the Book Of Mormon! Socrazy! She is amazing and I have no doubt that she will get baptized, she justneeds to take her time on being able to confront her family. It’s always hardwhen you set a baptismal date with someone and then have to remove it or pushit back, but I know she will make it through.
Cuong! Well this is well the major disappointing momnet of my week was. Cuongwas supposed to get baptized this week. Thursday night came around andeverything was a go, he just had to have his interview. Well after an hour and15 minutes Cuong comes out of the meeting and my District Leader comes over tous and said the dreaded words, "We have a little problem." ApparentlyCuong didn’t completely understand the Word of Wisdom. The sisters that werehere before I got here taught him that lesson. We were blown away. And Cuongwas too. He had no clue that our religion believed that alcohol and coffee werenot allowed. It is an embarrassing hole that happened as sisters weretransferred and other ones come. We had gone over the baptismal interviewquestions with him previously that week, but didn’t go into depth on everypoint. Unfortunately Cuong is leaving for Vietnam for 7 weeks and the baptismhas had to be postponed when he gets back. It was soooo incredible hard to beso close with him and have him be what we thought was so ready. However, I knoweverything happens for a reason. I know that Cuong will remain strong. It wasstill quite a heartbreak though!
Aros! Well we still have a lot to teach him but we are making progress! AfterAros accepting baptism on the first appointment, we knew we had lots to teachhim and he is taking everything so well! I still don’t know if we can have himready by June 30th but we are looking good for July.
Igor! He has been out of town the past 2 weeks but should be coming home soon.We are excited to meet with him again and I really think he is close to baptism.
Ifeanyi! We met Ifeanyi when we went to visit his roommate who ended up notbeing home. He is from Nygeria. He saw our name tags and said, "Hey I havea mormon friend on facebook! He told me I should meet with missionaries, canyou teach me?" This is every missionaries dream to hear. We have taughthim twice this week and he came to church yesterday! He is so humble and justkeeps calling us angels from god.
Well that is really all the investigators worth mentioning right now. I havenever had this low of people to teach. It has been really hard lately to findpeople who want to listen. In fact, our entire district has been struggling sowe decided to do a fast. We started the fast on Saturday afternoon and it didn’ttake long for us to see the miracle. We went out finding Saturday night andsomething insane happened. We went to this building that I have been wanting togo to for a while. We started doing doors and we made 7 new appointments in anhour and twenty minutes! 7 new appointments is our mission goal for an entireweek......and to see all of that happen in just over an hour was such amiracle! We are really hoping some solid investigators can come from all ofthis.
Germany has been going wild with the EuroCup. Soccer here is life. When thereis a game the city is honestly empty. Is it bad that I am hpoing they lose nextweek so we can get back to having people out and about to find??
My companion and I get along really well. No complaints in that department! Ithas been SO hot this week. We just walk around sweaty and wonder wehaven’t been getting new appointments! haha. I like chocolate now....yep they aren’tlying when they say this German stuff is good. Still carbonationfree.......such a miracle.
Funny stories: We were at a busy train stop and I see my companion kinda skippast me and jump on the back of some random person. She quickly noticed that itwasn’t me, jumped off in horror, and turned around with the most frantic faceto find me laughing my head off. Also, I convinced my companion to dye herhair. The box said brown....but it most definitely is now red. She isentertaining.
Spiritual thought: brace yourself it is long :)
In D&C 88:15 we read that thesoul of man includes “the spirit and the body.” President Hinckley has taughtthat we all have 3 things – 1) a spirit and 2) a body - and 3) a mind. The mindis a connection point between the two parts of our soul: the spirit child ofour Heavenly Father within us and the body, which I think of as the naturalman. Here is the quote from President Hinckley: “You have the potential tobecome anything to which you set your mind. You have a mind and a body and aspirit. With these three working together, you can walk the high road thatleads to achievement and happiness. But this will require effort and sacrificeand faith.” (Stay on the High Road, Ensign May 2004)
Good positive thinking, setting ourminds to do something, can lift our spirit and motivate us with physicalstrength to do the work. Answers to prayers come by the Holy Ghost “in yourmind and in your heart” (D&C 8:2) and then we put our whole souls, body andspirit, in motion to do it. On the other hand, negative thinking can kill thespirit and make it harder to do the work to fulfill our Purpose in life. The mindcan decide which part of the soul is in command in a particular moment. KingBenjamin taught that “the natural man is an enemy to God” unless he yields to,submits to, “the enticing’s of the Holy Spirit.” (Mosiah3:19)   
Our mind is connected to our spiritand to our body and plays a key role in agency – deciding which part of us isin charge – the spirit within us or the natural man. “Wherefore, mean are freeaccording to the flesh…, to choose liberty and eternal life … or to choosecaptivity and death…. Be faithful unto his words, and choose eternal life,according to the will of his Holy Spirit.” (2 Nephi 2:27-28) We need to make upour minds to be positive.
Thanks for all the love and support!Life here is amazing! Love you all!
Sister Linford

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Wiesen Str. 8
01277 Dresden

Monday, June 11, 2012

2 more baptisms

Guten Tag! I hope all is well for everyone this week! Things for me aregoing pretty freaking amazing! So many good things from this week have happenedand I can’t wait to spill the details :).
I am so so so happy to report 2 more baptisms coming up for us in Dresden!! Thefirst is Cuong. I have been teaching him for a while. He is from Vietnam and isin Germany getting his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He has a wife and a sonthat are living back in Vietnam. When I first got in Dresden Cuong was having alittle bit of a rocky road. We have worked really hard with him and on Mondaynight he agreed to be baptized on June 17....yes this coming Sunday! It was soamazing to see him accept this step. Monday night was such a powerful night. Hesaid he knew he needed to be baptized but he was just scared to go back toVietnam with a new faith. I had the feeling to read in Alma 32. He read it andstarted crying looked up and said, "I am ready. I want to show God I havefaith in him. I want to be baptized." It was a very special moment to be apart of.
Next up is Aros. I met with Aros my very first week here but it was only forabout 10 minutes. I thought he was great but for some reason we just never hadtime to meet with him. I had talked to him over the phone a few times andreally felt like we needed to make him a priority. Well last week I got to doall  the planning because my first companion got transferred. The firstperson I called was Aros. Aros is a student from Nepal. I went and picked up mynew companion and it was straight to Aros' after that. We watched Finding Faithin Christ and the spirit was so strong. I asked him if he wanted to be baptizedand he said yes! We have A LOT to teach him since that was his first realappointment with us, but I know we can get him ready. His date as of right nowis June 30th, I don’t know if we can make it happen by then but we are going totry! If it does happen that will be 4 baptisms in the month of June.....MIRACLE.My new trainer was quite shocked by my boldness with Aros. She just like mylast trainer has only had one baptism on her mission. She has served nearly 18months and is walking into 3 baptisms :) cool.
Melanie was also supposed to get baptized this week. She is the 18 year oldthat is so incredible. However, she hasn’t told her family yet that she wantsto be baptized and she said she needs more time :\.  It’s important thatshe tells her family everything that is going on in her life. She is so readyin every other way. She needs prayers! Hopefully we can get her back on datesooner rather than later.
Okay, that is it for the investigators with baptismal dates! Now let’s get tochatting about my new companion! Oh what a change, a fantastic change! Her nameis Sister Kläy  (Kla-eye). She just barely extended one more transfer butshe is almost at her 18 month mark. She went to high school in Utah, but rightafter moved to Switzerland. Her Dad is Swiss and her mom is American. Eventhough she is not full American, can I just say it is SO nice having an Americancompanion! Nothing against the European companions, but not having a languagebarrier is SO nice! We have a lot of fun together which is something I reallyneeded after my last companion. We complement each other really well. I amexcited to be able to have the next few weeks with her here in Dresden.
With transfers, my district changed a ton. There are 10 missionaries in mydistrict and only 3 remained in Dresden which is very rare. My new District isa blast though! We all get a lot really well and we have some fun P-daysplanned already :). Another cool change that happened is we got 2 more sistersin my District! The city of Meissen got changed from an Elders city to aSisters city. That means party every Wednesday and Monday when we get to seethe Meissen sisters, yay! haha. We are the only District in the mission thathas 4 sisters. The other two sisters are Sister Niebergal and Sister Curtis.Sister Curtis and me hit it off from the first time we met and we always enjoytalking. I am really excited for the transfer ahead of me, being surrounded bythese great people!
Other quick updates; Igor is doing amazing. I think we can get him on baptismaldate next month :). The food is starting to taste.....good. I said it. It isactually growing on me. I was able to eat sauerkraut without wanting to diethis week! Such a big improvement. My prayers are being answered haha.     My companion full on ate itthe other day at the train station and we made a nice big American funny.She supermaned it right in front of everyone as she was yelling, "Igoooooottttt iiiiiitttttt." Well she didn’t have it. We were laughing sohard, thank goodness she wasn’t hurt. Elina is doing fantastic post baptism! Shehas said some funny things that I am going to pass on. The first was she wastelling me a story: "I was lying in bed and it hit me.....Oh my gosh.....Iam a Mormon. I mean I knew I was a new member of the Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter Day Saints, but I am a freaking Mormon!" Just the tone she told thestory in made me laugh so hard. The second one happened yesterday in Church.They were sustaining all of the new callings in the ward, and she leans andbasically yells down the row, "Sister Linford! I get to vote now!!!"She is too cute :).
Well that is it for the week, We are busy here in Dresden! We have a lot oftime this week to go out and find new investigators. We have done a bit of a clean-upjob this past week and we are ready to re-build our investigator pool. I amtruly loving every day here in Germany. It still is so crazy to me that this ismy life, but I am so thankful for it. I am grateful for all the amazing friendsand family I have supporting me! Keep the letters coming; they make life betterover here :).
Keep the faith, Sister Linford.

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Wiesen Strasse 8
01277 Dresden

Monday, June 4, 2012

I met Adolf

After last week I have gotten a lot of concerned emails haha, but haveno fear this week was amazing!!  The transfer is over tomorrow, crazyhuh?! 12 weeks of my mission down! Let’s get into the week!
Monday- We went to the YSA FHE night just like normal. Nearly every week weteach Melanie, who is getting baptized in less than two weeks, after FHE isover. Just like normal we were walking into the room in the church and Igorasked if he could join us. I have seen Igor from time to time at FHE andinstitute, but never knew his story. He is from Russia and I just assumed theElders were teaching him. Well come to find out, he doesn’t let anyone teachhim. He just comes to activities randomly. So anyway, we watched the movieFinding Faith In Christ. Melanie handled it like a pro as always, but the realsurprise was Igor. He cried he felt the spirit so strongly. He said that itanswered so many questions he had and he agreed to let us teach him. We stolehim from the elders :) muhahaha.
Tuesday- We have been working with a less active Schwester Jander for a monthnow. She is probably 60 and has a problem with smoking. I gave the whole lessonin German! All by myself, yay! It was on repentance and the atonement. My Germanis still laughable awful and really not improving, but I was able to getthrough it. Tuesday not could not have ended better! Cuong is an investigatorthat the sisters have been teaching since January. He is a student fromVietnam. When I got here the sisters were really starting to lose him. I didn’treally see him around my first two weeks, but we have got him back and he isawesome! We did a FHE with die familie Ebisch. They are a young couple that Iam close with, in fact I think I have talked about them before. She is from St..Georgeand he is from Germany. They recently got married and she just moved here. Sheis the one who brings me marshmallows haha. Anywho, it could not have gonebetter! Cuong loved it and they were so good to him. I really think he is closeto baptism. We have an appointment with him tonight and I think we can get himon date!
Wednesday- We had district meeting as always but this time it was a little sad.Our senior YSA couple is going home along with our district leader, plus weknew there was going to be a lot of transfers happening within our district. Weknew this would be the last time together. I have really enjoyed this districtand will miss them all! Wednesday is when the extra 2-day tausch (exchange)began! I went to Freiberg with Sister Schneider. She has only been out 1 moretransfer than me so we are both pretty new. She is also from Switzerland and isa native German speaker. Thank goodness for that too! I love doing exchangesbecause it not only gives you a break from your companion, but you get to seehow other cities and towns are different. Freiberg is a much smaller and morespread out city. There are no buses or trains, just cars and LOTS of walkinghaha. It is beautiful there though, and it is where the temple is which is veryspecial.
Thursday- I had my first complete study day. Like, I actually had companionstudy for the first time! My first companion doesn’t really study and to haveSister Schneider was so nice! It set the day off right! Sister Scheider had afull day planned and it was so nice to just get to work finally. We started outby translating for a member, Brudder Adolf. Yep, just like Adolf Hitler, but noworries there is no relation he was quick to inform me haha. Then we met withMarcus. Marcus is someone we met the day before on the street. Wowza he speaksreally fsat haha. Freiberg is different from Dresden in that most of theinvestigators speak German...go figure! It reminded me of just how bad myGerman is ha. Sister Scheider did amazing though and I was able to help outwith finding applicable scriptures and bearing testimony. We also taught aenglish class! It was so funny to hear all of these people talk with theirGerman accents. "Veeeelllcome" (welcome) "Vas eeez yourneym" (what is your name?) It’s okay to make fun, they do it to me all daylong haha. But the real miracle was saved for the end of the day. It was in theform of Xiang. Xiang is from China and has been an investigator for 1.5yrs. Weran into when we were walking the day before and I had the crazy strong feelingthat I had with Danita. He kinda freaked out over something and has beenrefusing to meet with the missionaries the last month however. After talkingwith him for a while he agreed to meet with us. I was looking forward to hisappointment the entire day! And wow......I know I have said this before, but Ihave never felt the spirit that strong in my life. I honestly can say that Iwill remember that lesson my entire life. The spirit was pulsing throughout theroom. Things were just flowing in my heart to say. It redefined what teachingby the spirit means to me. I am happy to report that a miracle that has been1.5 yrs in the making happened....I asked him to be baptized on June 30th andhe agreed for the first time :). At the end he said the sweetest thing, "SisterLinford you are really good at this. I prayed to God to come and I know heanswered my prayer by sending you. Can I come to Dresden and have you teach meagain one time?" I was flattered but I assured him that It was not me thattaught him in was the spirit. And he did the right thing bylistening to it and letting it into his heart. He made me promise that I wouldcome to his baptism if I could make it work, I agreed to that :).
Friday- My district got to go to the temple! Since I was already in Freiberg,we just made the companion switch back at the temple Friday morning. You don’tget to go to the temple very often on your mission here, in fact some don’t goat all. I was very lucky to have the opportunity this early on though. Thetemple is just amazing that is all there is to say. It is rejuvenating. And isif that wasn’t enough, it was also the day of Elina's baptism!!!! Mensch I havebeen so excited for this! Planning a baptism is a tad stressful but soexciting. The night was amazing! Elina just kept hugging me and saying,"It's here!!"  She asked me to be the one to help her so I gotthe best view of the baptism...from the side on the top stair. When she steppedout of the font she stopped....gave me a soaking hug....and said, "I feelit.....the difference." She glowed the entire night. She was so happy andso was I. This was such an incredible night to be a part of.
Saturday- Saturday could not have come fast enough. It was the long awaitedtransfer calls. Well it was worth the wait! I GET TO STAY IN DRESDEN!!! I am sofreaking happy! I mean it’s crazy that I am a first transfer golden and I amalready taking over a city, and furthermore Dresden but I am so ready for thechallenge. My new companion is Sister Kläy. She is dying aka I am killing heraka this is mission lingo for this is her last transfer before she goes homehaha. She is very tall and a little shy but she is a hard worker and I can’twait to share the last moments of her mission with her. I am ready to reallylearn from a trainer the things that I was supposed to learn my first transfer.She is coming to Dresden at a great time and I am excited to get to know herbetter starting tomorrow. Bonus....because she is done in 1 transfer, I get tostay in Dresden for at least 12 more weeks :))))!! Other highlights ofSaturday.....a midget attacked my companions rear end. He had some mentalproblems but it was the funniest thing ever! We got hunted down by JehovahWitness missionaries, also very comical. And last but not least.....I officialgot my first hole in my shoes.
Yesterday was a fantastic Sunday as usual! Filled with many great appointmentsand the spirit of course! I also had a fantastic talk with my companion whereshe agreed she needed to get some help. It has been a really rough time withher, but I honestly feel bad for her. She isn’t happy here, and I want her tofind happiness in this amazing work. I wish her the best with her next transferand figuring out whether a mission is the best thing for her or not.
This week has been freaking amazing! So many miracles. My spiritual thought ofthe week:
If we understand the ways of the Lord, we must understand that we are Hisservants. We sustain him, it is His work. It is not our work. We must submitourselves to his will and purpose.  It doesn’tmatter if its priesthood work, missionary work, or any other work in thechurch; we are to do it the way the Lord wants it done. This is the Lords plan.We think about it, we talk about it, but in reality we sometimes forget it. Letus remember we are here as servants of God to do what He wants us to do. I bearmy testimony a disciple of Jesus Christ; this is the work of our HeavenlyFather. Be more Courageous. Be more definite. Be more dependable. Be more of aservant.
-Sister Linford

Send anything for the next few months to:

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Linford
Wiesen Strasse 8
01277 Dresden

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Leipzig/Dresden Zone Conference - Picture

Just saw this picture on the Germany Berlin Mission Blog. She had a zone conference with Leipzig and Dresden Zones. You can see the blog post here.