Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm hurr in Rostock!!

Hallo hallo! Another week come and gone! Well things have been quite different for me this week! I am now in Rostock!! New city, new companion, new ward, new everything! Rostock is VERY different from Dresden, but it still has the same German charm. I am right by the Baltic Sea and it is quite amazing! Thank heavens my new companion Sister Nielson is down to run every morning along the is so gorgeous! Rostock is going to be challenging, but I know this will be an incredible 6 weeks. President called me before I got there and said that he sent me here to "light it on fire". It is super hard leaving the program I had in Dresden to come to only having 1 investigator. Yep.....just one. But, we already have some big plans for how we are going to change that. Call me crazy, but I actually love coming into a city with nothing. It allows us to really get creative with how to help the church grow here. I am able to take a lot of what I tried in Dresden and what I have found works best and try to implement it here in Rostock. I know that we are going to see SO many miracles this next transfer. For some reason both me and my companion have the feeling I wont be here long, but I am going to do the very best with what I am given here. Okay onto my new companion. Um, can you say best friends? Sister Nielson hails from the state of New York. She is freaking hilarious! I dont know if I have ever laughed this hard! We get along so so so well. She is a hard worker too, we both are stoked for this transfer together. We call each other our "break" haha. Man I love her! She only has one transfer left after this one before she goes home. She is helping me out sooo much with the language! I am EXTREMELY behind where I should be with it too. She knows that and she knows her job this transfer is to help me learn the language and to basically train me how to train. She talks in German the entire day. She is so patient with me too. This is everything I needed. She really is such a stellar companion! Big things are going to happen this transfer!
Well this past week has been so crazy! Monday was such a long day! It was my last day in Dresden and we had so much to do! We had to divide all of our investigators up and have a big meeting with the Meissen sisters and the Dresden Elders and try and explain everything to them....stressful. Tuesday was a day spent mostly on a train! 7 hours by myself was sooo strange! That was the first time I have been alone in I don’t even know how long! Funny things happened along the way too. I had to get off at Berlin and take another train to Rostock, As I was waiting, a family runs up to me and ambushed me. They all were talking German 100mph and all at once. Haha I had no idea what to do. It felt like I was in 'My Big Fat German Wedding'. Before I knew it they were literally pushing me towards the McDonalds. When I said I wasn’t hungry and that I needed to get on my train....they would not have it, they just pushed harder haha. I quickly realized giving in would be the only solution. After they purchased me a McDouble they finally allowed me to run to catch my train. It was a riot! I only got 10min. with that family but it was fun to meet them! On the train to Rostock, I was sitting next to this family. The had a little boy who was 4years old. He took a particular liking to me and my hair. Yep he loved shoving his toys in my hair. Slightly strange I know, ha but it warmed his moms heart to watch me play with him. Long story short, I was able to give the whole first lesson to the mom and give the family a Book of Mormon! It was awesome! When I got off the train I was greeted my my new stellar companion, the two senior sisters serving in Rostock, and a member of the bishopric....they dont mess around here! ha. Wednesday we had one of the longest lesson of my life. In fact, I am confident that it was the longest. Rostock has had a crazy story this past few weeks. They met a Chinese student named Molin. They taught him the first lesson and he wanted to be baptized so bad. But.....he was leaving to go back to china 1.5week later! It was crazy but we were able to fit in 2 lessons this week where we taught him everything he needed to know! He only had 4 lessons total, but it was so incredible to see him  soak it all in! Even though he only had a week and half he really was so ready! He read so much of the Book of Mormon in that short of time. His baptism was on Friday! It was such a neat experience! Here in Rostock they dont have a church, they just rent space above a grocery store, so baptism are done in the ocean! SO PRETTY! I will send pics next week probably! A seal even swam over to watch the service :). Baptism the first week here is not a bad way to start out in Rostock! This week we have been focusing on seeing less actives because we have no investigators. One family in particular was a neat experience. Manpreet and Amanpreet, and the 2 kids. They are not actually related they are just friends from India, but they live together and took the lessons together last year. They were baptized last October by my home girl Kali Wakefield (hope life at home is treating you well Kayli!) Manpreet hasn’t been to church in 6 months, but after a way powerful lesson with her last week, we committed her to come to church! She not only came but she bore her testimony like we asked her to do! Oh my heavens it was so awesome! Then we went over last night and taught them how to have family home evening. It was so much fun! They cooked some dang good Indian food! My companion was dying, but I loved it! Any food other than German is a-okay by me :)! haha jk, the German food really is growing on me. Saturday we got to do a way cool service project! We went and did landscaping at a zoo!! So neat! It took us all day, but it was worth it! We did it as a zone. Which there is only like 16 missionaries in my entire zone? I came from a zone of over 50 in Dresden! But everyone is super great. I have an awesome district as well! I really have lucked out with the elders I have gotten to serve with! >Church was so different!! Because its a branch we only have church for 2 hours! I have to admit it was sooo nice haha. Sacrament meeting was so different! To only have like 18 people in a room when I am use to 120 is definitely strange! But it was really awesome at the same time, a very close-knit feel. I bore my testimony and it was just a really good day! Spiritual thought: I was thinking about integrity this week. What is it to really have integrity? It is more than just your is the purity of your heart and mind. Integrity is having an absolute honesty with yourself, fellowmen, and God. It essentially is the very core of your human being. So it is our integrity that truthfully defines us. Which got me thinking how I believe integrity can furthermore be defined as being consistently honest and obedient. We all have been given temptations and trials in life, but we must convert those weaknesses one by one to righteousness. We need to look for and fix small changes in the things we do often. Consistent obedience will bring great improvement over time. There is power in steadiness and repetition. When you look to change your thoughts, words, or actions....then you change yourself.....which changes your life. This can go both in a good direction and a bad which way are you going? What is holding you back from making the little changes and being 100% dedicated? Heavenly Father wants to be with be righteous and be consistent so he can be! Little changes will allow you to be honest with yourself and where you need to be in life. Honesty when in conjunction with consistency will increase your integrity and make your very core strong in the sight of God. This week has been a crazy busy one! Closing down Dresden, LOTS of traveling, a baptism to plan, a huge service project, and getting lost...a LOT haha has made it all zoom by. I have the strongest feeling that this really is where I am supposed to be. We have massive amounts of work to do to get this program built back up, but I wouldn’t choose anyone else to do it with than Sister Nielson. Life is good! That’s all there is to it! Thanks for everything, I love you all!

Sister Linford

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Friedrich Str. 14
18057 Rostock

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