Monday, November 12, 2012

Skinny Jeans

      Guten Tag! I hope everyone is doing fantastic on this chilling Monday! I also hope everyone had a great week! We were pretty busy here in Rostock. Which means I was a happy camper! I don't have very much time to write today because we are going to Hamburg for P-day.....can I get a woot woot? This means I will get to see a bunch of other sisters, which is always laughs and smiles :).
      Last Monday something monumental happened......I convinced my 3rd companion in a row now, to buy her first pair of skinny jeans! I am taking the hick right out of Sister Moon haha jk.....but only kinda :). Right after we were leaving from the store where we bought her new pants, we got a call from the elders in our city to come quickly to the church. When we arrived there was a slight situation coming from the mens bathroom and flowing into the hallway. It was a doozie. We titled this event as "pooh carpet". The poor elders spent the rest of their Pday ripping up carpet hahahaha.......there are some perks of being a sister.
      Tuesday we had a lunch appointment. An investigator of ours wanted to celebrate the special voting day for us Americans. So naturally, we went to Asian Imbiss for lunch :). Naturally.
      Wednesday was one of the greats on my mish. We have been teaching this really amazing girl named Anna. She is 20 years old and is a student. I think I may have mentioned her in my last email. The girl speaks perfect english and German. You all know how I love them english speakers :). Well I had one of the most powerful lessons on my entire mission with Anna on Wednesday. We were teaching the plan of salvation and we were reading in 2 Nephi 2 and her response was, "Nephi is a really smart guy, like he really knows his stuff!!" haha we all started laughing way hard....I couldnt agree more with Anna. Then at the end we had run out of time so we told her we would have to finish up next time. She then asked if our next appointment was learning this same stuff because she wanted to stay and hear yeah, is that not every missionary's dream to have an investigator begging you to stay?! She is amazing! I cant wait for our next appointment!
      Thursday was a day of Travel, to Prenzlau that is. It is a really small city about 4 hrs away from us. We went there to help the elders that are serving there find people to teach. We were able to find a lady named Carri. Wowza she is awesome! We sat down and basically gave her 2 lessons because she didnt want to stop! It was so great. Those elders are lucky to have her as a new investigator!
      Friday we went to the Preets for FHE. They have been dying to have us teach them how to make American brownies because the ones here are awful. They surprised us with dinner after we had already eaten lunch and had another surprise eating appointment right before.....I was not cut out for the mass amounts of food some days on the mission require! However, preets food is always my favorite! I will take Indian food over German any day! haha.
      Saturday was the day of our big Service Project that me and my comp have been planning all transfer long. It took place at the Zoo, how cool is that?! We raked a TON of leafs and then we got to go around and see the animals for a bit. Our entire zone of missionaries plus members from our ward came. It was a big success!!
      This week really was a stellar one! Our numbers were higher than ever! Sister Moon is a great companion and she is willing to work incredibly hard which I appreciate SO much. There are amazing things happening in this city and I honestly feel so lucky to be apart of it all :). This next week we have some pretty awesome things planned as well. Hamburg today, Berlin on Thursday for president interviews, Neubrandenburg on Friday to help the elders there, Saturday is transfer calls, and Sunday is a fireside that we have planned.....whooo it is going to be a crazy week! I really hope I get to stay here in Rostock for another transfer!! We will see on Saturday!!
      Spiritual thought: Since I don't have much time today, another Mormon message it is! It is such a great film that really makes you grateful for the life that you have. The story of this woman is touching. She is so full of the light of Christ despite all that she has gone through. The light of Christ is an influence in tfor good in the lives of all people. It is such a powerful attribute to have. I pray that we can all focus more on our Savior and becoming like him so we too can shine as strong as the woman in this film does!

Thanks for everything! Love you all!
Sister Linford

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