Monday, December 10, 2012

Laundry Drama

      Guten Tag! I hope everything is going well for everyone!! I am doing just dandy myself :). I am warning though this email might be a tad shorter than normal because I am currently in Hamburg not Rostock. I will explain more about that later! But lets chat about my week shall we?
      Last Pday was just sad but funny. Our washing machine broke so we had to go to a laundromat. Well that nearly killed my companion. haha she was being so dramatic, "I would rather die than go to a place like that! Who knows what else has been in those machines!!" For being the rough and tough type, Sister Moon was surprising me but it was so funny I just kept laughing. German washing machines are not like American ones...they take FOREVER. Honestly around 2 hours. So my entire pday was spent at a laundromat while my companion was having a melt down :). There was a reason she didnt get sent to a third world country!! haha.
Another funny part of my week was that I had to sing.....multiple times in a quartet!! So if any of you know me well, you know that i CANNOT sing and there for I dislike it. Well there are 2 elders in Rostock as well as me and my companion. We all are AWFUL at singing. However, the members in our ward made us all singing appointments at all the old folks homes around here. When I say it was bad, picture it worse and that is what happened. We just kept busting up laughing because it was so bad. Oh how the mission stretches you in so many ways :).
       I have spoken about some less active members quite a bit that we have worked a lot with and now they are doing amazing.....well Manpreet is one of them and she was asked to give a talk on Sunday. This was quite the ordeal haha. She was SO nervous. She made us come over and Tuesday and we helped her write it. Then on Saturday she called us and said she was going to fake sick haha. We talked her out of that though no worries :). Sunday came around and she did such a good job! It was one of the moments on my mission where you just stop and think of how amazing missionary work is. I have seen her make so much progress in the months I have been here in Rostock it is crazy! It is simply incredible to be around and be apart of. Today I had to say goodbye to Manpreet and her family. They are going back to India to visit family and they wont return until after transfers. They have been my Rostock family. It was so hard to say goodbye but I know I will see them again! I LOVE the people I have met here in Germany that I get to call my makes the hard times worth it!
       Anna is still doing awesome!! Funny thing about her last lesson. So her friends heard that she was meeting with us and they made her watch the South Park episode about Mormons! Oh my heck I am going to kill south park haha. I have never seen it myself, but South Park is huge over hear and nearly everyone under 25 has seen that episode! Well it took us a while to clear some of that up, but we are back on track :).
      Another cool announcement....we got two more people on baptismal date!! Whooo! I am sad that I most likely wont be here to see most of these baptisms, but it is soooo amazing to watch the progression taking place in these people! Asante and Kofio are going to be members of the church of Jesus Christ come January! Also we have another investigator praying about when his date she be right now! His name is Bodo and he has been an investigator for years! We were able to start things up with him and it's going so well! I will have to tell you more about that next week!
       Spiritual Thought: Sorry I dont have much time today like I said, so here is another video :).
      Well this coming week is going to be a crazy one! I am currently in Hamburg. I am doing an exchange in just a few hours and then I will be in Elmshorn with Sister Niebergall. I cant wait! We use to live together when I was serving in Dresden. Plus, Sister Niebergall goes home in one short week, so this is even more of a last hooray!  After Elmshorn, I will be going to Kiel tomorrow. This city was my last exchange and I loved it! I will be with Sister Thornton who was in the MTC with me and is my really good friend. It's going to be a fun couple days of exchanges. If that doesnt get crazy enough I will be traveling home from Hamburg Wednesday just to go to Berlin for Zone Conference! I left this morning with clothes for 4 days! Crazy huh?? Hopefully this means that next weeks email will be more entertaining than this one was haha.
       >Thanks for all the love and support. I ask for the blessing of everyone who gets this email to go to my new Niece Izzy. She was born this week at 27 a mere 2lbs 1oz. Miracles have been seen. And for that I am eternally grateful. The little fighter needs all the prayers she can get :). Love you all and wish you amazing weeks!!
Sister Linford

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