Monday, July 2, 2012

Erda here we come

Well right now I am writing this letter in weird! This is the first time I have been in a pair of jeans in 3 months! Anyway just thought I would share that haha. This week hasbeen a pretty good one! Let’s get into it!
Last Monday was fantastic as all P-days are! I was able to find and stock up onsome peanut butter! yay! Peanut Butter is not the easiest thing to find in this country, but when you do find it you stock up because it’s Missionary’sfavorite! We also had a fin day full of shopping and ping pong with mydistrict.
Tuesday I finally anmelded. Now I am sure you all just asked yourself what theheck is that?! That is when you register in a city that you are living in. The rule is that you are supposed to do it within your first two weeks of living inthat city and you must bring your passport. However, when we first get here in Germany the mission office takes our passports and gets our visas for us. But getting a Visa takes some time, so I didn’t get my passport back until lastweek. I am happy to report though, I am finally an official resident of Dresden! haha.
On Tuesday my French also got a little practice! We went to go visit a contact that we found in our Area Book, however, the contact no longer lived there.....Elise did :). Elise is from Africa and she has the cutest little boy I have ever seen. She is here in Germany with her husband while he gets his masters. She let us right in and we got to know her a little bit. There is still a nice big language barrier because she speaks no german, very little english, and her french is african french which is really hard for me to understand....but we did okay considering the circumstances! She took a Book of Mormon in French and we have another appointment with her this week.
Also on Tuesday, we had our first appointment with a lady named Barbara that we had found the week before going door to door. Barbara was incredible! She is about 70 and extremely smart. She actually met with some Elders about 4 years ago and already had a Book of Mormon. She asked the best questions, and she is so open to everything we had to say. We already have to more appointments setup for this week with her! I am so excited to teach a German that is over 30yrs old! With Dresden being right in the middle of East Germany, it is rare to find someone older who is interested in any religion. They have been through so much in their lives that they don’t believe in God. I am very excited that Barbara is different though!
Wednesday was another great District Meeting. I really look forward to them everyweek because of how uplifting they are. The senior couple here is fantastic too! They have only been here about 5 weeks but they are my favorite! They come from Foothill area. They have definitely taken me in and always make sure us sisters are taken care of :). They feel like an Aunt and Uncle to us, they are too cute!
Wednesday also brought another round of German and English classes. I love have German class because they let me sit in and learn myself, which I am in desperate need of! English class went really great as well! I love teaching all the people that come to it! Their accents will never get old :).
Thursday was fun because I got to do my first Street Display! This is where we set up a big sign and a table and fill it will all different pamphlets and information about our church. We did it right in the heart of our busiest trainstation here in Dresden. It was so much fun! You just talk to everyone walking by and many stop and want to see what this whole display is about which gives you a great opportunity! We weren’t able to stay very long because we had an appointment to go to, but I made 3 appointments in 15 minutes! Such a miracle!
Thursday also brings my favorite, Institute class! We are still in Mosiah, which happens to be my favorite book in the BofM. We continued to talk about Abinadi this week. The incredible strength that Abinadi had was insane. To recap on thestory, Abinadi was asked to talk to King Noah and his people who were being extremely wicked. Of course the people didnt like having someone come in and tell them that they need to change so they threatened to kill Abinadi if he didn’t take back his words. Abinadi stood strong in his words because they were the words of God and basically said go ahead and take my life. Well his strength was noticed by a man named Alma. Even though Abinadi was unfortunately killed, his example sparked a whole generation of righteous people through Alma. This story teaches us how powerful our example is. We can influence so many just by the way we stay strong in our faith!
Saturday was a very unique day! We got permission to go see Elina play ultimate Frisbee! It was so much fun! And it gets week we get to play too:). So excited! The fun didn’t stop there though! We met....are you ready....another older German lady who is interested! What?? So amazing! If that is great enough, her name is Urda! haha. We met Urda at a bus stop. She too had met with Elders years and years ago. She said at that time she wasn’t very open to their message, but she feels now is a perfect time in her life to have us teach her! Urda here we come!
Yesterday was a fantastic Sunday. Not because I understood church, which I didn’t ha., but because of our eating appointment. Yes, I know I was as shocked as you. But before you jump to conclusions that this food is finally something I am should know that our appointment was with an American family!The Jorgensens moved here just 3 weeks ago from Salt Lake. They moved for the husband’s job and know zero German. They have 2 little kids and are the cutest family! It was so incredible nice to be able to understand everything that was going on around me for the first time on my mission. To be able to play with their little 4 year old girl and not silently was such a blessing. It was also so fun to really be able to talk and get to know the family that we ate with for once.All you serving in the states....not going to lie I got very jealous of you yesterday! I didn’t want to leave it was too fun with them! They also really enjoyed it as they haven’t been able to communicate with many people since they have been here. I think we are going to be good friends!
This week has been a pretty cool week! Some other events or things to note are: The Euro cup has been quite a focus here lately! Soccer is HUGE over here! However for us missionaries the Eurocup is dreaded. It means that no one is going to be out and when they do finally come out they are going to wasted drunk ha. Oh the joys of Germany! But Germany lost this past Thursday in the semi-finals, and the missionaries were the only ones wearing a smile come Friday:).
Bugs. Oh the bugs. I have never seen so many in my life. They are everywhere. I hate them. My poor companion has to kill them all the time for me.
I know I comment on the weather often, but it still just shocks me with how crazy it is. We are soaking wet no matter what is happening. It is either pouring or it is soooo hot and humid that you just sweat it all out. But it scrazy because I will start to feel some rain and look clouds and blue skies above me. It makes no sense. Even the rain is different here!
A funny story of the week… We were walking along the street and we watch this old lady who is about 75 come out of her house. By the time her side walk bet the road we were on, she was only a few steps ahead of us. Me and my companion were looking for ways to make a new path because this particular situation was hilarious and incredibly awkward. Just then the old lady looks down, says a few bad words, and expresses her apologies to us that she forgot to put on her clothes. Yep, all she had on were matching bright pink underwear and bra. This may be inappropriate to be sharing in my missionary letter, but it was just too funny to me to not share! enjoy :) haha
That about sums it up for the week! I am super stoked for this coming week  because we have taushes (exchanges) and I am going to Meissen again with Sister stoked! Also we have Zone Conference with our new Mission President, and transfer calls this Saturday! Whooooo!
Thanks so much for all the love and support! Wish all of you a fantastic week!
-Sister Linford

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