Monday, July 9, 2012

Immodest Missionary​!

Hello! Another week down here in Deutschland! Lots happened so let’s get into it!
Monday- Was a fantastic p-day! The family that just moved from Utah (that I had dinner last Sunday with) the Jorgensens, needed some help. We went with the mom Katie, and her daughter to her new school to get her all signed up. The Mom was really nervous that there wouldn’t be someone at the school who could help translate for her, so she asked if we could come along. I got to play with her 4yr old daughter Portia while my companion translated. It was a lot of fun!
After that, we were supposed to go bowling with my district. But after many weird events it sadly got canceled. I and my companion decided to go shopping instead. Oh how the clothes here are to die for. Just too dang cute. If only I weren’t on my mission..... The best part wasn’t even the clothes though, it was the music. The stores all play American music. I heard GaGa, Nelly, Jack Johnson and so many more. It made me happy this entire week!
Tuesday and Wednesday were both sadly spent in the apartment. My companion was sick again, so I was confined to our flat. The joys of having to be within sight and sound of someone 24-7 :).
Thursday- Oh how this day could not have been better!! It was Tausches (exchanges)! I got the honor and pleasure of going to Meissen with Sister Curtis. Meissen is actually in my current District. It just barely was made a sisters area this transfer, and holy cow it has been a city of miracles. When tausches happen all the sisters in your zone come together in one place and then disperse so that no one is alone ever. Where we all got together Sister Curtis comes up to me and says, "I forgot to call you! I was going to tell you to make sure to wear a skirt that you can ride a bike in!" I look down.....of course I am wearing my pencil skirt. Well let’s just say my first 10 minutes in Meissen can be summed up like this.....Me+pencil skirt+bike that is way too tall=immodest sister missionary. Thank goodness I packed an extra skirt that I could wear the rest of the time on the bikes! Sister Curtis got quite the laugh every time she turned around and saw my G’s. I was just praying that no members would see us!
Our first appointment in Meissen was with an older member. She got baptized about 5 years ago but still insists on meeting with the missionaries weekly. Well in true German form the blue skies that were out when we got to her house, quickly disappeared. Within 10 minutes of us being with her it was a full blown thunder and lightning storm. Well little did I know that Sister Curtis and this older member both are extremely scared of storms, while I happen to love them. After one of the loudest thunder I have ever heard, I see both of them dart away from the big glass door we were sitting by. After they pressed themselves again the wall furthest away, they both turned to find me lauging. They were less than amused with my reaction, but it was so funny to see both of them run as if something was about to explode.
Our next appointment was a first time appointment with a Referral named Julia. She is 17 and just got back from an exchange student program in Provo. She is incredible! After an amazing lesson with her we played with her turtles and rabbits and at the best cake ever.
As if I wasn’t already exploding from being full, it was time for an eating appointment at die familie Preiss house. They are the cutest young family with 2 kids. I must note that I have gotten REALLY good at hiding the food that I just hate in my bag.....yep there was a whole lot of this gnarly cheese that was put in my bag at their house and no one knew....muhahaha.....thank you elders for teaching me this life-saving trick!
After dinner, we had very little time before we had to be home, but we really wanted to make out a new appointment. We hit the streets and found 2 amazing people in 15 Meissen really is such a city of miracles right now! The whole day was so fantastic. I also had SO much fun with Sister Curtis. She is someone that I will most definitely be friends with after the mish. We are a lot alike and laughed so hard together. Taushes provide such a great break!
Friday was Zone Conference!! It was the first one with our new Mission President. All I have to say! The Kosaks areamazing!! I gained the strongest testimony that he is meant to be my President for my mission. I can’t wait to learn more from both of them. I must admit the abnormally warm welcome I got from them didn’t hurt either. I had the opportunity to meet them a few times before this week, and they remember everything I have ever told them! They could not be sweeter! Pres. Kozak also pulled me aside and asked how my trainer was. He had heard about my last situation and was very concerned. Oh man, I just love them already!
It was also a lot of fun to really feel like I know all the sisters in my Zone now. It helps so much to feel like I have some friendships forming here. Even though we only get to see each other every 3 to 6 weeks, the other sisters can be a great support!
Zone Conference was everything I needed after a tough last couple weeks! It pumped me up so much and addressed all the things that I felt I needed.
Saturday- We had a first appointment with Dentleff! He is about 70 years old and LOVES to talk! I seriously can’t believe that we have 3 people that are elderly for investigators right now....unheard of in Dresden. So cool though! He even got me a present because he remembered that I was learning German. He got me a child’s bible that has CD so I can listen as I read sweet is that?! When it was time to go he asked where our next appointment was. When we told him he got concerned and said,"That is not a safe area for you two to be walking around! My best friend is the leader of Hells Angels for Germany. He knows people. If you have any problems at all you call me and I will get someone to take care of whoever is bothering you!!" Now I have heard that while you are on a mission there are angels with you, but now I got Hells Angels too haha. No more need to worry mom :) ha.
After Dentelff we were able to reconnect with Aros. Aros is the student that we committed to baptism in the first appointment and the first Day with my new companion Sister Kläy. He has been super busy lately with finals so we haven’t been able to meet with him. However, Saturday night we finally got back in contact and had such a spiritual lesson. He is such an awesome guy. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he loved everything about it. We are excited to continue to watch him advance and prepare for baptism.
Spiritual thought: "Todays test is tomorrow's testimony!" We all have trials in this life. They are difficult and often make us ask why we even have to deal with it in the first place. But, we have to have tests to gain a testimony! Our trials are gifts. They humble us and allow us to keep growing and receiving a testimony. It is not up to us to determine how long our trial last. But it is up to us to decide to have patience and faith. When we look in the eternal scheme of things, our trials are so short lived. They are just a moment in eternity. So have hope and have faith. God is with you and will help you through whatever tests you may be facing. Let your trials help you grow and let them bring you closer to god!!
Well I hope you are all doing amazing! Thanks for all the love and support! Transfer calls are this Saturday.....I think something is going to change for me and I am ready for it! Love you all!!! Keep the faith!
Sister Linford
Mission office:
Germany Berlin Mission
Sister Jessica Linford
Zerbster Strasse 42
12209 Berlin

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