Monday, October 15, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Hallo! I hope everyone had a fantastic week!
     Last Monday all the missionaries in my district decided to go to Ikea. I already loved that place just surpassed all other high expectations for that place. It is so much better in Europe!! It was a fantastic P-day activity!
     Out with the old and in with the new. I had to say goodbye to my amazing companion Sister Nielson. It was super hard, but it just makes me so incredibly thankful I got the time I did with her. Just two hours after she left, it was back to the train station to pick up my new companion Sister Moon. I actually new Sister Moon from the MTC. She was in the group older than me. It has been interesting having a companion that you already know the basics about. It has really spring boarded our companionship to be able to get close faster. Sister Moon is from Herriman Utah. She went to Riverton High school and we have a lot of friends in common which is fun! She is very similar to my MTC companion Sister Bohne, in the way that she is a total outdoorsy wild woman, but such a hard worker!
     Good news. Get ready for it....we have a new baptismal date in Rostock!! Oh my so amazing! This area has been hurting for so long and miracles have been unfolding. His name is Degol. He is a masters student that is originally born in a small country right outside of Ethiopia but spent most his life in other countries such as England and Italy. He is about 27 and super awesome! He was actually my first english appointment here in Rostock. Oh how I love those English speakers :) haha. We have had 2 incredible lessons with him and Dec.8 is when things are going down (literally) for him :)!
      The rest of the week was filled with some really good lessons! I am really starting to love Rostock and the people here. It took me a little bit of time :), but it is coming and I know this is where I am suppose to be.
     We have had the funniest/ embarrassing moments this week with language issues! I dont think you understand just how awful me and my companion are at is just straight laughs. And that is all we have done this week. However, miracles have happened. It is pushing both of us SO much. I have never spoke more than the last week. My companion said the same thing. It has been a miracle. We both are scared 99% of the day because we have no safety net anymore, but it is working out! Anytime I find myself completely lost she picks up and takes it, and vice versa. Some how, we aren't exactly sure, its working out.....and working well.
Okay now for the update on the Prophet coming to Berlin!! So our morning yesterday started out at 4:45 am. After our 5 hour train ride we found ourselves in the amazing capital city. We planned a picnic since we would be gone all day. We invited members and some other missionaries. We had in front of some of Germany's most well known sites. Then it was off to the ginormous conference center that event was being held at. We arrived 2 hours early to get good seats. It was sooo fun to see so many missionaries I haven't seen for a while! Half of my mission was assigned to come to Berlin's conference. Plus, I got to see all my people, both members and investigators, from Dresden! I almost cried multiple times because I loved it so much! I got to talk to Melanie, an investigator from Dresden that meant A LOT to me. It was incredible to catch up with her. Even though her English is amazing, it was so fun to be able to chat for 40 min. in German. She was super impressed with how much better my German was.....I have never spoken that well, but Heavenly Father gave me a tender mercy in that time with her. I set her on baptismal date my very last day in Dresden. I cant wait to return to Dresden in December to see that glorious day!
Now onto the star of the day, President Monson of course! It was so fun to see him!! to answer a lot of the questions I have gotten, he spoke in English and then they had a translator. The meeting was conducted in German. It was so amazing to hear and see his words in a country where this is so needed right now. He has a pretty amazing history with Germany. He has done SO much for this county. It is because of him that we are able to have missionaries in this country, and even more incredible, they have denied every other church of that opportunity. He is now on his way to my old city of Dresden where he said the dedicatory prayer for this mission....oh how I wish I could be there for that return. He has a very special place in his heart. He isn't able to travel much anymore due to his health and he was able to choose to go anywhere this week....he chose Germany :). I love that man! I love his heart. I was made a better person yesterday because of Him.
     Our train didn't leave out of Berlin until 6:30 pm which gave us lots of time to socialize once again with members and other missionaries. It was so fun!!! A little hard to have to say goodbye again to all my Dresden people....but so amazing. It just made me so grateful that I really am in this country and have met so many incredible people that will be in my heart forever. Something fun and exciting that happened was I got to see Sister Kingery! She is the sister I got closest with from the MTC! She is serving in the Frankfurt mission but came up to hear Pres. Monson. We both screamed and ran to each other! Not only that, but I was also told that I will get to see Sister Bohne and SIster Thornton in a few weeks!! I havent seen either of them for over 6 months. They were in the MTC with me and I am stoked out of my mind!!
     Spiritual Thought: I am running out of time sadly so I cant do what I was planning on here, but I am going to put a link to another video. This is a video that has helped me a lot in the last year. I sincerely hope that you will actually watch it. I know that is you follow the promises that it gives, you will be happier in your lives!!
     There was just so much happiness this week! It truly was a special week! I just am grateful for so much right now! I hope everyone is doing well. I am so thankful for the love and support. Your letters and emails truly do give me the fuel to do what I am doing here. I pray for you and I feel your prayers so intensely. Til next week, KEEP THE FAITH
Sister Linford

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Friedrich Str. 14
18057 Rostock

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