Monday, April 8, 2013

First Week!

      Hey y'all! I am officially in Vienna loving it! Whoo, this city is alive and invigorating! This week has been so awesome finally getting back to a normal missionary life again. Hitting the pavement and talking to peeps is where it is at! haha. Lets dive into my new life in the Alpine German speaking mission shall we?
      Well last Monday I was still in Munich getting paperwork done, but I had the pleasure to finally meet my new mission president! President and Sister Miles hail from the city of Bountiful, Utah. They are the sweetest couple ever! They are so warm and loving. It was good to meet him and to hear more about their objective for this mission. I just felt at home the entire time I was there......this is exactly where I am meant to be!
      Tuesday, was a day of goodbyes and hellos. I have seen many of these on the course on my mission, but they never seem to get easier. I was LOVING my time with the two sisters in Munich. Sister Stowell and Allman........the good times never stopped with these two! Can't wait to hang out after the mish. Well after a 5 hour train ride Munich turned into VIenna. We were greeted by the elders in our new ward, as well as the english speaking sisters we live with. It is such a great city and I felt it from the second we arrived!
      The rest of this week has been crazy! My face has been buried in the map trying to get us around haha. It has been a fun adventure so far though! We have seem some pretty great miracles too! One of which was with a girl named Oyuka. She is from Mongolia. Her brother actually joined the church in Mongolia a few years ago. She is here as a student right now. We had a fantastic lesson with her and we have another scheduled for tuesday!
      Ana is another miracle. We were doing some doors and bam there she was! She said that she didn't speak any german but asked if we knew english. (This never ceases to excite me!) We ended up teaching her a whole lesson that day with the invite to come back the next day. We brought the english speaking sisters, as this is technically now their investigator. They asked me to teach the lesson though until the official hand off to them takes place. Oh how it was suchhhhhh an incredible lesson! Ana is from Romania and SO prepared. Her answers were all so excited and right out of the dreams of every missionary. Ana is now preparing to be baptized in just a few short weeks!!! BOO YEAH!!!
      We also been having some really neat success with some less active members. They are letting us in because we are sisters and they think its awesome that we have sisters in Vienna now. WHat ever works right!?! haha.
      Conference was also this weekend. With the time difference we only got to watch the first 3 sessions....but WOW!! Conference is better than christmas and your birthday combined for missionaries!! haha, but seriously! I am still on this amazing conference high! My heart ached as Pres. Monson shared a story of a man from Germany. That man was from my last hurt but in a good way. I miss Berlin terribly, but I know that it will forever be a place in my heart. And now, I get to add the country of Austria too!!
      My German has taken a leap in the right direction this week! WOw miracles are real! I am still not fluent by any means but I am completely communicating with people! HALLELUJAH!!!
      Spiritual THought: MAN alive i have been slacking! I had the best one for today too, but I have 2 minutes left is all :( So today just remember ALma 1:25 and remain "Steadfast in faith!"
Love you all!!
Sister Linford

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Hormayrgasse 59 Top 9
A-1170 Wien

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