Monday, May 13, 2013

Strings in the Sunset

      Hallo! I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day! I know I sure did :). I absolutely LOVED being able to Skype the fambam yesterday! You all are looking goooood :). It didn't even feel weird this time, just natural. The weird part only came when it came to the goodbyes and instead of hearing "Cant wait until next time!", it was "See you at the Airport!" So weird. Enough with this going home soon talk though!
      This week was a good one! We will start with was all about Miga week! I explained last week that Miga is a member here in Vienna. Last week, I helped her start her mission papers and this was appointment time. Yep, it was doctor and dentist week with Miga! She is really nervous about her Germ ability tly so I went and helped her with translation. It has been such a incredible opportunity for me to play a role in helping another young girl decide to serve a mission. She has no support from anyone else and God has blessed me too much for letting me get to be the one she goes to. She has also been the best help with our investigators! She is always willing to be their to help with lessons and do anything for them. She is going to be an amazing missionary!!
      This week we also had the opportunity to have a Mission Tour. This only happens once a year and it is when a General Authority comes to your mission to talk with you. This year the Alpine Mission had the pleasure of hearing from Elder Teixeira. He is incredible! He is one of the two General Authorities I met with when I was asked to switched to this mission. It was awesome to get to know some of the other missionaries too. I got sung to and received yummy chocolate because my birthday is next week. Everything was going good until they announced that they were going to have all the people finishing their missions soon come up and give their testimony. I heard them say that but it still didn't register until alas they read my name of those who needed to come to the front. AH! How is this happening all so fast?!? Lets just say....all my birthday chocolate was gone after this traumatic event.
      Onto brighter topics, I got to see a symphony concert this week! Yep, you know I have been on a mission for a while when I am stoked out of my mind to go rock to some strings and trumpets :). It was outside in a historical part of the city. My entire zone got to go! It was on a beautiful summer night. Good music, good sunset, good company......nothing better than that!!
      Work continues to go well! Man alive, its crazy to think we only started working in this city 6 weeks ago and we already have seen sooooo much happen! We are really busy right now, and I couldn't be happier with that!
      The ward here loves me. I am not meaning this in a boastful way in the I mean it in an almost embarrassing way. I walk into church and get 3-6 gifts a week. Breads, clothes, chocolate, name it. hahaha I have no clue what I did, but its working! People want to feed us all the time now. Its a problem......they all fight over it at church. Speaking of church by the way.....I love this wards meetings! They have really awesome teachers. We also just got a group of BYU students that are on a Study Abroad. It was fun to be able to translate for them. It's so much easier now that I have a much better handle on the language :).
       Oyuka continues to do well and is looking forward to her baptism right before I go home. She said to me this week, "Can we please meet one more time than usual this week?" Missionary's dream question? I think so.
      Spiritual Thought:One of the topics talked about this week in Mission tour was Patience. The word patience in latin turns into Pacientia. When you break that word down, Paci means peace and Entia means being or to be.....therefor the word patience means to be in peace. How cool is that?! Sorry its short today but just food for thought :). Follow the peace in your life. When we find the peace, we will find God also.
      This coming week we have some fun things planned! We have Zone training meeting, service project, volleyball, and we get to eat at Sister Martinz (She served with me in Berlin) house for lunch this sunday!! Cant wait!! I hope you all have a fantastic week! I miss you tons and wish the best for you! KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Linford

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Hormayr Gasse 59/Top/9
Wien 9 A-1170

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