Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Amazing Week in Vienna

      Well well, another week come and gone! Time is just the silliest thing! This week was another amazing week in Vienna......I just don't think anything less is possible in this city. Funny things happened, amazing things happened, and I got to be a missionary......if that is just not perfection, I don't know what is.
      Lets start this weeks letter off with the funny things. Oh with Sister Judd, this topic is never short in supply! Sister Judd may have accidental forgot the keys in her excitement to pick up a package that was waiting at the post office! Yep, that meant that the joy from the package was short lived when we realized we were locked out. We called the other sisters and they were way across town. With no map, no backpacks, no anything of help, we set off on our way across the city in hunt for the other sisters. It was quite the adventure that resulted in a lot of laughs and a lot of wrong turns.
      Also, I made a deal with Sister Woods, one of the sisters I have lived with here in Vienna. If she would finally pierce her ears, I would let her choose the color that I would dye my hair. The only rule was that it couldnt be mermaid red. haha. A deals a deal, and she kept her end up so it was my turn to let her choose the fate of my hair. She chose a dark blonde. We then took it home to dye it. Wellshoooooot, I dont know who thought it would be a good idea to let Sister Harman (who has been out on her mission for only 2 weeks) read the instructions......please note they only come in German and sister harmon does not yet speak the language! So yep........we did it totally wrong haha. It caused some funny screaming moments in our apartment for a few moments. My hair just went somehow darker. But it could have been worse.
      Also, another event that we still are not sure exactly how it happened.....was just yesterday. I have no idea how but.....Sister Judd tripped and started to fall. In my attempt to be a heroic companion, I tried to catch the end we were both LAYED OUT on the sidewalk. Like completely on the ground, flat on our backs. These men saw it and ran over to help us. We were laughing too hard to really be able to tell them we were okay, but in the end I think they got the message. Whooo, we definitely made a scene!
      This week also had some amazing things that happened! We had some seriously rocking appointments with our investigators. They are all making incredible progress! I really feel there are going to be soooo many baptisms that result in the coming months.
      The Loh family is doing amazing! Man I love every second I get to be with this crew! The baptism is now going to be July 21stbecause Bella wants it to be the best last Sunday I have before I go home :). They spoil us every time we are at their home and make us american goodies like Rice Krispy treats.....oh how I have missed a little taste from USofA! Lars the father is really starting to come around and I think we are going to see some water action with him soon too.
      Okay here is the ward section! I LOVE THEM!! We have had some amazing times with these people this week! We even had a big ward activity on Saturday. It was a Grillfest as they called it! Face painting, bocce, volleyball, and LOTS of good food. It was a blast!!! We were able to get lots of Investigators to it, along with less active members. It was a big success :).
      Thanks for the amazing love and support! It means a ton to me! I hope you are all enjoying your summers, and never forget to KEEP THE FAITH!!!
Love, Sister Linford

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Hormayr gasse 59/top/9
Wien 1170

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