Monday, April 23, 2012

Less than 24 hours I''ll be leaving on a jet plane!! (Week 6)

The time has come! The countdown is less than 22 hours now! So so so crazy that I leave so very soon. Every time in life when one chapter ends, it makes you look back at the time spent and lessons learned. I am definitely finding myself analyzing how the MTC has shaped me, what I liked and didn't like, and the people I would have not been able to meet any other way. This is definitely the close of the first chapter of my mission. I can honestly say that I love my time here at the MTC. Most people would call me crazy for saying that, but it's the truth. I have absolutely had some extremely rough moments here, but the good far outweighs the bad. I have met the most incredible people here. Friends that I honestly believe will be lifelong. The German language, even though I hate it haha, has been an amazing blessing in my life and is going to be an asset far beyond my mission time. Well before I go into the danger zone of being too cheesy, I will stop and just tell you about my week :).
Monday: It was a crazy pday that is for sure! We had to get everything done so we could pack on Saturday. Pictures, dry cleaning, alterations, more German books, etc. Later that night in class we started district teaching. This is where we teach each other and we pretend to be investigators. We also mix it up from our companions. My teacher assigned me with Elder Luening. It was a fun take to teach with an elder instead of another sister and he is nearly fluent in German so the pressure was no longer on me. It was fun!
Tuesday: It was an extremely chill day. We only have one class on Tuesdays and for this week we had a rare day of no German. Yay! haha. Finally a day with no headache :). After class we had a workshop and a fireside. Elder Gibbons of the Seventy came. It was kind of boring so I have nothing to report on it ha.
Wednesday: I got to be a host! This is where you get to show the brand new sisters around. They get dropped off by their family and you meet them 30 seconds later. I only had 2 girls on Wednesday to host. My first was Sister Wild from London. She is 30 and going to Bulgaria! She was a sweetheart but ended up being every host''s worst nightmare haha. After getting  all of her packets I escorted her to her room to put her luggage down. I told her she needed to bring scriptures and paper for her next part of the day. She walked over to her bags to get the materials but stopped.....and fell to the floor......bawling. She had just finished telling me earlier how she cant handle how Americans are always wanting to hug her. Well shoot.....I have that running through my mind and I have a pile of sister Wild on the floor, those two don't mix! After 20 minutes of us talking and calming her down, we were finally able to get her to class where she needed to be. Now that I look back on it, it's pretty finny. Needless to say, I was a little frightened for what the second sister would bring. Her name was Sister Pehrson. She is a BYU graduate from Ohio. She is 24 and stellar! We have actually become really good friends here, I am sure I will see her after the mission. She is so cute and thankfully didnt bring me any added tears that day! Hosting was a blast!
Thursday: This was our last normal day of class......crazy! We taught Andraes for the last time! He got baptized on Saturday. (not really because they are fake investigators but you know still cool!) It was my first lesson that I didn't even speak one English word! That's right....straight German no English fillers! Such a breakthrough! We also had a 3v3 basketball tournament with all the sister.....yep the fierce German sisters swept it.
Friday: We had in-field orientation on Friday. That is where you go from 8am to 9:20pm just in different hecka long presentations. There was a lot of really good things taught and said but it was a VERY long day of sitting.
Saturday: I started out with a half of a P-day to get all packed. We did all of our laundry and got on to weighing  our bags praying for them to be under 50lbs. After that we had 6 hours of class to complete our day. We finished what is called the "dooms day of German" because of how hard the concepts are to grasp. I understood it all :) such a miracle! We spent a few hours with each teacher just asking questions and drilling them about what to expect when we get to Germany. Not only did that happen, but we took the dreading grammar assessment. Only this time, the result wasn't so awful. I got a 33 and scored higher than a lot of people in my zone! Seriously to go from 0 to 30 in 6 weeks is such a miracle! Especially since I am the only one besides my companion that had less than 3 years previous experience! My teacher who is considered the  best speaker only got an 85! That made me feel so much better about where I sit with German. It was such a fun day!
I seriously can't believe that the next letter I will write will be from Germany! Ah! So stoked! I am going to so sad to leave all the friends I have made here though, but I know I have more friends waiting for me in Germany :). Thank you all for all the prayers, love, and support throughout the last 6 weeks of my has been felt. I am so nervous to embark on my 26hr trip to Germany because as we say is going to get real real, real fast ha. Until next Monday, peace!
-sister linford
once again my address will now be:
Germany Berlin Mission
Sister Jessica Linford
Zerbster Strasse 42
12209 Berlin

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