Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pictures from the MTC

We've scanned in some pictures Sister Linford mailed to us from her time at the MTC. She also wrote a description on the back of them.

My roomies! Kingery, Me, Imbach, Bohne
The Fantastic Four! Kingery, Me, Imbach & Bohne

Me and Sis Tidwell. She was one of our "older sisters" and we apparently are twins w/ personality. She is also serving in Berlin
Older and younger sisters all together! Left to right: BACK: S. Thornton (Berlin), S. Bohne (Berlin), S. Tidwell (Berlin), S. Moon (Berlin), ME!, S. Kingery (Frankfurt), S Marshall (Frankfurt), S. Clancy (Frankfurt)   FRONT: S. Sprouce (Frankfurt), S. Holmstead (Alpine), S. Imbach (Frankfurt)
I'm a missionary!
Me and Lexi Damron reppin' Xi!! (At the Provo Temple)
Me and S. Laci Tagge who is going to California. Eagle Pride! ha
The 7 sisters in our zone! From left to right: S. Clancy, S. Marshall, S. Thornton, S. Bohne, Me, S. Kingery & S. Imbach
My District!! Left to right, BACK ROW: E. Myrabo, E. Ashby, E. Gibson (new guy) & E. Miles (new guy). FRONT ROW: E. Thorkelson, Me!, S. Bohne & E. Luening
This is what happens when everyone in your room is sick!
We do have fun :) Poor sister Thornton after we stuck her in a laundry bin. haha
Me & Kings (S. Kingery) on Easter

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