Monday, April 2, 2012

Half way done! Week 3

Can you believe it....I am half way done here in the MTC! That is right, I leave in 3 weeks and 11 hours to start my journey to Germany! Do I feel ready? Absolutely not haha. The MTC has been the most interesting place. It breaks you done, rebuilds you, teaches you, makes you a crazy person, and just about everything else imaginable ha. Even though I really haven't had it all that bad here, I am stoked out of my mind to be head to my people of Germany soon.
Well this week has been rough, but amazing. Haha I think that is an overall theme here! Things with my companion have been pretty rough, but I know we can work through them. Yes it is true, David Archuletta is in the MTC as you saw at conference! He arrived last Wednesday and it has created quite the buzz! To answer some further questions, he is going to Chile and is 4 inches shorter than me ha.
Tuesday- Well we got our second teacher finally! Brother Swenson is an incredible teacher! I connect a lot better with how he teachers than with my first teach brother Zibetti. Tuesday are always a favorite day because only one class and then a fireside! It was a fantastic day! Oh and I also had a 3hr companion talk.....that was fun, sike!
Wednesday- Lexi Damron came! I waited by the elevator for her for like 25min. She looked so cute! We get to see each other all the time because we are on the same floor for both rooming and classroom, which is SUPER rare! I also had the most amazing experience I have had yet here. My companion was very sick on Wednesday as well as another sister so I was on splits all say. Both of them wanted a blessing, so we rounded up our two districts after class. The spirit that was in that room has never been stronger for me. WOW. I finally cracked and cried! Yes, I think my emotional constipated ways set a record of making it 3 weeks before crying, but I finally cracked! It seriously was amazing to see these young boys turn into men right in front of my eyes. The priesthood is real.
Thursday- I was sick all day! The dreading flu/cold that has created quite the epidemic here finally got me. My comp was still out as well as my other 2 roommates. All 4 of us didn't make a peep until 4pm.....seriously. We even had to cancel our 2 appointments with our two new investigators. Missing days in the MTC is not like high school, you do actually want to be there out of genuine concern of what you are missing. Plus its not like you get to watch chick-flicks all day either :(.
Friday- Today was jam packed MTC goodness! Because of conference this weekend we had to fit twice what we normally would do in 1 lesson! It was crazy they were throwing German at us at a record pace. I feel like I kept up though, so all is good! We also got to experience TRC for the first time! This was an awesome experience! We get to teach members that know fluent German and English. It was so nice knowing that we didn't have to stress over every word. Our first group was 3 college girls that go to BYU. We taught them out of Enos and the spirit was seriously so strong. The second was a college aged couple. We taught them about the restoration. It was so nice to teach in Danglish as we call it! (Deutsch and English) It felt amazing to be able to focus just on the spirit. I cant wait until my German gets better and I will be able to feel the way I felt teaching these members. Just as I thought Friday couldn't get any better, my companion made a choice that was not the wisest. It put me in a very awful position. That is the hard part about companionship' have a yoke put on you and everything one does, the other feels and has to go through too. It is not my place to go into detail, but it was bad enough that I don't know if my companion will be with me still the next time I write. I ask for your prayers to be with the priesthood authorities that have a very tough decision to make as to the future of S.Bohne as a missionary.
Saturday- After that serious Debbie downer of Friday night haha, conference couldn't have come at a better time! Conference is like freaking Christmas in the MTC! I have never focused harder or enjoyed more. I always watched conference and only found a few talks to be truly applicable to my life. Not this time, every talk was applicable and acting as a teaching moment for me. Yes the weirdness is coming......yikes. After every session of conference you eat and then go on a temple walk or vice-versa depending on your assigned time. It always is nice to leave campus and head to the temple! After two amazing sessions of conference, we had an emergency zone meeting  called. Feelings for an elder and sister developed and so an emergency transfer stuck two elders in our district. As sad as this was my district took this hard. We have become very close and these new comers don't know us well. We all have to be grown ups, and be nice to the new kids :) haha. Our first day of class with them will be tonight!
Sunday- Another day of conference....can i get a woot woot!! After the sessions and yes 2 more temple walks, I met with my Branch President, Pres. Dunn. He was concerned with my well being giving the multiple events of my companion that week. It was amazing to just get to talk to him. Then his wife, came up and gave me a hug, and just wouldn't let go. At first I though, "okay even a lonnng hug would have ended 5 seconds ago...." But then I felt her begin to sob and whisper, "This is from your mom." well freak, that will get just about any yep I cracked for a second time! We just cried together hahaha. See mom, I am a momma's girl after all :)
Well I feel bad that this letter reports not as uplifting of a week as would be expected. The sisters have been having a ton of problems, and that was my biggest fear going in here. haha I don't think our president has ever had to deal with so much as our zone.  And although it has had some incredible tough moments, your love, support, and prayers were felt. I seriously am doing well. I love the work I am able to do here. I love the person I am becoming. And I love that more than any other time in my life, I feel loved. The savior is with me every step of the way here and I know that will continue in Germany. I am honored to be a set apart missionary with the saviors name next to mine across my heart. Keep the letters coming, they truly are such a help here. I love you all!!
Sister Linford
Sister Jessica Linford
MTC Mailbox 156
GER-BER 0424
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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