Monday, February 25, 2013


      Hallo Hallo! I hope everyone is surviving the tail end of February! I can't believe another month is almost gone.....whoooo where does time go?! I must admit though time does move a heck of a lot slower in Eisenhüttenstadt. Haha maybe its because there is no body that lives here, or that it is easily the ugliest place I have been to in Germany, or that we aren't exactly busy either (refer to the first point)....but days seem to go by insanely slow. Oh well, lets chat about the week, shall we!
      Last Monday, I finally caved. I have been avoiding getting a haircut here like the plague. I have seen many go really wrong and it has created quite a hesitation inside of me. Now, with having 2 native companions that can help translate, I finally decided that it just had to be done. ERROR: Germans don't know how to cut hair! I currently have a fetching mullet. It is wretched I wear my hair in a ponytail everyday and will continue to do this until the "layers" aka Mullet grows out a little more and I can get it fixed. My MTC companion made this comment when she saw it....."Ohhh, you um, cut your hair? Wow........who did this to you?!?!" hahaha AHHHH. No mom, there will be no pictures being sent home the next few weeks!
      On other fronts, we do teach a English class at our church. Every week we have about 8 people come, none of which are members of our church. It gives us a great opportunity to serve the community and build relationships with potential future investigators. I have never taught English before on my mission, but it is the funniest darn thing to hear the German accent speaking English for an hour every Tuesday night! I just sit and giggle to myself the whole way home. Last week we taught the words for Animals.....straight laughs.
      This week was another full of service projects. With our very small area, we try and get anything we can to help these people. We have moved some people, cleaned a basement, and even chopped wood this week! I absolutely love doing service projects!
      We got some interesting news this week....we will be moving apartments in a week and a half. I guess the plan is to eventually put elders in our apartment we are living in now, and move the sisters to the actual town of Eisenhüttenstadt. The new apartment is still only meant for 2 people, so it will still be the couch for me! This means for sure there will be no tri (3 in the companionship) next transfer.....thank goodness!
      Which leads me into companions. Well.....a tri has proven to be much more difficult than I thought. It is very difficult to please and focus enough attention on both companions at the same time..... I love both of my comps... However, I know that I am here for a reason. This is only for one transfer, and I guess that darn "Patience" word, is going to get some more practice in the remainder 3 weeks of this transfer.
      Onto the people we are working with! Well as I said last week, I am super impressed with the members here. This branch is tiny and had a measly 12 people at church yesterday, however, they are so strong. They are always willing to help. We had the funniest ever eating appointment yesterday. We just laughed and sang songs with a guitar.
      Marcel. Marcel is a less active, that has had some problems in the last few years. He came to church for the first time in a really long time my first week here. I was able to talk to him for about an hour after church and commit him to come to institute. ANd he came!! This was a huge step for him, and it was awesome to see him love Institute. Because our branch is way too small to have our own institute, we traveled the two hours into Berlin and went to the massive institute there. It was awesome!! Oh Berlin, how I love you! We have had the opportunity to come to Berlin a lot. We have DCM every week here, as well as a baptism last Saturday.
      The baptism was awesome! It was the elders from Marzan that had one. There is always the strongest spirit at baptisms! In fact one of the little girls felt the spirit so strong that it made her throw up.....multiple times. haha ask the missionaries right??? Yep, I had to clean up the throw up. If your wondering if the mission is changing is your proof. I just wont be eating Bratwurst for a realllllyyyyyy long time!!
      This week we also had zone training in Berlin. This is where our entire zone gets together once a month. It is sooo fun to be in a zone with other sisters! I didn't have that for over 6 months!! There is a whopping 9 sisters in our zone currently! Partayyy. Sister Bohne my MTC companion is one of them. As well as the first 19 yr. old sister to touch down in Germany. Her name is Sister Sykes.....she is hilarious and I love her already. Good things are coming for this mission.
      Spiritual Thought: Today I wanted to discuss the term Consecration. WHat is it? I think that consecration is yielding oneself to God. Your heart, soul, and mind were the encompassing words of Christ as he gave the first great commandment (Matthew 22:37) Many ignore consecration because it seems too abstract or daunting. However, it is important and we must realize it is a journey. Spiritual submissiveness is not accomplished in an instant. It is made through stepping stones, which are meant to be taken one at a time. Yes, some may fear that stepping stones take you into a new territory in which we may be reluctant to explore. But, before enjoying the harvests of righteous efforts, we must align our will with Gods. God has given us our lives, our agency, our talents, and our why don't we always believe him when he said, "My grace is sufficient for you...." (D&C 17:8) or believe his promise in Ether 12 where he said he will make weak things become strong?? As we develop additional love, patience, and meekness through taking the stepping stones, our wills can be "swallowed up by the father". Allowing us to receive all that the father has to give. (D&C 84:38). Are we willing to submit to this process?? The greatest happiness in God's plan is reserved for those who are willing to stretch forth and to trust in the journey.
      Thanks for all the love and support! I miss you all and pray for you every darn day! KEEP THE FAITH!!!
Sister Linford

Kirche Jesu Christi
Sister Jessica Linford
Heilbornring 11
15234 Frankfurt Oder

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